Registration of pesticides and agrochemicals


Modern agriculture cannot do without the use of special chemical substances for plant protection. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of the industry. Pesticides and agrochemicals became a common element in agriculture, but they cause many people wary, and this is no wonder. Pesticides are one of the most dangerous for humans and the environment chemical products.

The state regulates the handling of agrochemicals and pesticides in order to maintain a balance between the need of pesticides and probable negative consequences of their use.

Registration of pesticides is the most important procedure of state regulation of agricultural chemicals. It consists of a comprehensive study of the pesticides until they enter the market.

In fact, the registration of pesticides and agrochemicals is a kind of guarantee of safety of these substances for humans and the environment. The main condition - pesticides and agrochemicals must be used exactly as prescribed, under certain conditions and in accordance with regulations.

Main stages of the state registration of pesticides and agrochemicals

Registration of pesticides and agrochemicals is a time-consuming, complex and important process requiring professional approach. It consists of number of administrative procedures, research, expert analysis, involving government agencies, research organizations, registrants, as well as diverse specialists. All of them work with a huge flow of disordered information.

At the moment, the state registration of the plant protection products (agrochemicals, pesticides, soils and so on) is carried out in accordance with interim registration procedure.

Main stages of registration of pesticides and agrochemicals:

  • Applying to the Ministry of Agriculture for the beginning of the registration process;
  • Prepare a dossier that contains all the information about the agrochemicals and pesticides, preliminary assessment, identifying the product category, collecting additional materials (if necessary);
  • Carrying out registration trial to assess a pesticide in terms of toxicology, biological efficacy, safety and environmental friendliness (if necessary);
  • Check selection of conclusions according to GNIU action of the agrochemical or pesticide on the environment, as well as giving the grounds for the pesticide registration in the Russian Federation;
  • Develop a safety data sheet and label copy;
  • Submit data for Federal Environmental Expertise(FEE);
  • Results of FEE and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) are submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture;

The total number of steps that are involved in the process of registration of a pesticide or agrochemical in the presence of analogues, previously registered in the territory of the Customs Union or in other states, is markedly different.

The final stage of the registration process includes the adding to the Unified Register of pesticides or agrochemicals permitted for use in the Russian Federation.

List of pesticides and agrochemicals


  • Fungicides;
  • Nematicides;
  • Desiccants;
  • Rodenticides;
  • Pheromones;
  • Molluscicides;
  • Phytohormones;
  • Repellents;
  • Herbacides.


  • Peat fertilizers;
  • Mineral fertilizers;
  • Microbiological fertilizers;
  • Organic fertilizers;
  • Soils;
  • Fertilizers based on humic acids;
  • Lime soil ameliorants.

Full list of pesticides and agrochemicals you can get from our specialists.

AKVET Consulting range of services for registration of pesticides and agrochemicals

It is worth mentioning, that the presence of earlier trials, carried out by the manufacturer, can significantly reduce financial and time costs of the whole registration process.

The specialists of AKVET Consulting are always ready to give useful advice on how to quickly conduct the necessary tests and carry out the registration of pesticides and agrochemicals. First, we propose to carry out preliminary GAP-analysis of the existing data and provide answers to the basic questions.

Services for registration of pesticides and agrochemicals include:

  • Prepare and revise the registration dossier, containing all the necessary information about the product (pesticide or agrochemical);
  • Application to the Ministry of Agriculture;
  • Obtaining the list of executing agencies and plan of registration studies;
  • Design and signing the contracts with companies, carrying out the studies;
  • Getting reports and protocols of the conducted studies and tests;
  • Getting expert’s opinion;
  • Send the test reports to the competent organizations;
  • Applying for the examination of the substances application regulations with research reports and expert opinion attached;
  • Conducting the examinations of the application regulations;
  • Application and further examination of the results of the research;
  • Obtaining the certificate of state registration of pesticide or agrochemical in the Ministry of Agriculture, in the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor);
  • Inclusion of the pesticide or agrochemical into the State Register.

AKVET Consulting will help you to analyze the collected documents, prepare a dossier and supplement it with information for compliance with existing standards. We are also ready to represent your interests when submitting the finished dossier to the registration authorities. We have all the knowledge and skills for successful and quick registration of your product. Besides, our experts monitor all the novelties in the regulatory legislation and act according to the regulations in force on the territory of the Russian Federation and other EEU countries.

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