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AKVET Consulting offers unique services in registration, licensing, technical support and promotion of new products. If you want to bring you product sales to the Top in the shortest possible time, please contact us. We possess all the skills and tools necessary for the successful development of your business. What do we offer?

First of all, our experts carefully analyze the market of veterinary drugs in Russia and plan to the most effective methods of promotion.

Second, our company specializes in the registration of new veterinary products in the State Register.

Third, we provide the most popular and efficient trading platforms, as well as help to choose the most profitable partner or distributor for logistics operations and active sales through popular retail chains.

In addition, cooperating with us, you get a complete analysis of the market of veterinary drugs, the opportunity to participate in prestigious congresses, exhibitions and conferences in CIS countries and Russian regions. We offer comprehensive assistance in registration and course of production. If you need a contract laboratory for research or competent distributors, we are ready to help you. We have thoroughly studied the market of veterinary services, and know very well how to become a leader in this field.

Distributor selection for the sales of veterinary products

You do the production of veterinary drugs? Do you want to increase sales? The most efficient and effective solution - partnership and cooperation with professional distributors. What distinguishes a reliable distributor of veterinary drugs? Main characteristics:

  • Developed network of representative and branch offices;
  • The modern warehouses equipped with advanced technologies;
  • Cooperation with reliable suppliers;
  • Proven supply system;
  • Flexible structured finance;
  • Best prices;
  • Individual approach;
  • Cooperation and supplies to the pharmacies of various districts.

If the distributor provides reasonable logistics and affordable prices, the number of clients significantly increases. We are ready to find and match you with a decent distribution company, which will meet your requirements and the desired level of sales.

Manufacturers of drugs and medical products for animals and for people in a certain period of their activities meet the issue of distributing of their products. The main task - to deliver the product to the customer at the lowest cost for transportation. As a result, distribution, includes two main objectives:

  • Logistics, which aims to determine the optimal motion of products;
  • Measures to attract new customers.

For the sales of their products, the companies can use direct and indirect marketing channels with different features, advantages and disadvantages.

Direct marketing channels

In this case, the company produces the goods for the end user. It works according the following scheme: manufacturer – commercial enterprise. In fact, the manufacturer excludes the intermediaries in the chain of sales. Direct marketing is carried out in two ways:

  • Through own retail network or chain of branded stores;
  • Through an online store and sell through catalogs.

The advantage of this type of distribution channel - complete control over all the processes of sale. The company can independently determine prices, to monitor product quality and compliance with the rules of the trade mark.

Direct marketing has its drawbacks. For example, manufacturers have to compete with qualified selling companies. In addition, it is necessary to search for additional ways and methods of marketing, if you want to boost sales.

Indirect marketing channels

Manufacturers of veterinary products prefer to use the services of intermediaries and not to create their own distribution network. It is more convenient, comfortable and efficient option for manufacturers of these products. However, it should be borne in mind that a lot depends on the professionalism of a distributor. Independent retailers prefer to set their prices; they dictate the rules of advertising and marketing. Considering this point, the manufacturer must understand that its success largely depend on the agent.

Another drawback of indirect dales – the possibility of counterfeit products that can discredit the entire product. Also, non-qualified personnel and poor quality of related goods can affect the popularity of the product.

At the same time, work with professional partners and intermediaries ensures tangible benefits. First, the manufacturer is not liable for the failure of independent distributors, secondly, the manufacturer can concentrate its efforts on the production of new products, and not on the sales of the old one, and thirdly, a good agent allows you to expand the business and significantly increase sales.

Popular distributors of veterinary products

Selection of the distributor - a serious, complex task and success of the company largely depends on it. Our company offers cooperation with the most successful and popular companies, for which the main activity - effective sales of veterinary drugs. These companies are “VIC – animal health”, “Vetprom”, “SIMBIO” group of companies, “Korpas”. All of these companies are engaged in sales of veterinary products and some of them in manufacture of products for veterinarians.

VIC – animal health

VIC group of companies was established in 1990 and today is the largest and rapidly developing Russian veterinary company. Local production is aimed primarily at creating import-substituting products. It represents an innovative research and production company called "VIC - animal health."

The company rightfully occupies the first position among the other manufacturers of veterinary products. About 40 items of drugs of different pharmacological groups for animals of all kinds are produces at company’s plant:

  • Antibacterial;
  • Anthelmintics;
  • Hormonal;
  • Antiparasitic;
  • Aseptic means;
  • Means for prevention of iron deficiency anemia;
  • Means for treatment of endometritis.

Production volumes increase year by year. The manufacturing process is carried out according to GMP requirements and standards (International Standard). The company actively sells its products not only in the domestic but also in overseas markets.

The company "VIC - animal health" is one of the best, because of:

  • Guarantees high quality of its products;
  • Has a network of regional offices;
  • Offers favorable prices and terms of cooperation;
  • Has a wide range of services and products;
  • Takes into account the needs of modern veterinary medicine.

Korpas Company

The company specializes in services for agricultural enterprises of poultry, cattle, pig, and also works with veterinary clinics and pharmacies, cooperates with wholesalers.

"Korpas" provides a wide range of biological products, veterinary pharmaceuticals, and feed products for poultry, livestock, small pets, pig. In addition, sells washing and disinfectants for the processing and food industries.

The company produces safe and popular products that meet the needs and requirements of veterinarians. "Korpas" for a long time cooperates with domestic and international manufacturers, and sells veterinary products. The company is always ready for a new, interesting partnership.

Vetprom Company

"Vetprom" is the official distributor of veterinary drugs. The company has an impeccable reputation among producers and consumers of veterinary products. The main indicator of success of the company - a steady increase in the number of clients in all areas of the country. The company sells only authentic and quality products.

Major customers: pig farms, veterinary pharmacies and clinics, poultry farms, cattle farms, retail chains, government veterinary services in all regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The company cooperates with companies that have a good reputation among practitioners, consumers of products for the poultry, pig, and pets.  Also, the presence of registration documents and product quality plays an important role. At the moment the company is working with such producers: SPVeterinaria (Spain), InformNutrition (Ireland), ABIC Biological Laboratories Teva Ltd. (Israel), Virbac (France) and others.

The main advantages of the company:

  • Network throughout Russia;
  • A wide range of high-quality products;
  • Logistics services throughout the country;
  • Effective marketing support for all customers;
  • Own department of scientific and technical support;
  • The organization of seminars to improve the skills;
  • Reasonable prices and favorable terms;
  • Market research and regular updating of assortment.

“Simbio” group of companies

"Symbio" group of companies specializes in the sale of veterinary drugs, kits and equipment for diagnostics, disinfectants, feed additives, and feed enzymes, as well as additional products for veterinary clinics, pet shops, private pet owners, agricultural producers.

Currently, the company cooperates with major manufacturers from around the world, namely: HenrySchein (Calibra, Czech Republic), FarminaPetFoods (Italy), Bayer (Germany), Zoetis (Pfizer, USA), Vetoquinol (France), INVESA (Spain) and others. In addition, "Simbio" is the exclusive distributor of such companies as HAMECOAGRO (Netherlands), Alfasan (Netherlands), Synbiotics (USA), Sogeval (France), Belgagri (Belgium), and CTCBIO (Korea).

The product range includes: vitamins, antibiotics, vaccines for animals, anticoccidials, feed additives, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, pet food, anti-mastitis products, obstetric and gynecological products, sedatives and antiparasitic agents, metabolism stimulators, detergents and disinfectants, ELISA diagnostic kits.

Consulting in animal husbandry

AKVET Consulting offers its customers, in addition to other services, Veterinary Consulting – a modern, popular service, requiring consulting in the field of veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. Technologies do no stand still, laws and regulations change, and for this reason, manufacturers often have difficulties with veterinary, technical and economic issues. Our specialists are ready to share their experience and advice to improve your company’s performance.

We offer you comprehensive services to improve your performance and achieve success. Our company guarantees high quality services and time efficient work. If you need advice or specific support to organize a presentation or a seminar, we are ready to help you.

We work with companies that need additional resources, expert support, laboratory testing, quality control and registration in the relevant authorities. Please contact us if you need a reliable assistant and a business partner.

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